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Who we are

The Last Tavern Brand

The Last Tawerna website belongs to the Bass Queen company, which successfully introduces internet portals to the Polish market of new media, focusing on various topics and fields. 

The Last Tavern – who are we?

Hello Traveler!

You are at the crossroads of the multiverse, on the border of fantastic worlds, at the mouth of all interdimensional portals, at the event horizon. The Last Tavern welcomes you .

Our Tavern is a haven for travelers to distant planets, magical lands, worlds of old and future, legendary and potential. Here you can find respite, seek information and find guides to the realms of myths, futuristic empires, dystopian wastelands and abysses of terror. Do you want to know the latest news? Explore topics that keep sages awake at night? Are you looking for a dissertation to read over a glass of delicious beer? Or maybe you are interested in chronicle notes or a bit of art? In our Tavern you will satisfy your hunger for information and thirst for knowledge.

Why the last one? It is a promise and a warning in one. When you have to cross our threshold, you will not want to leave it soon – it will be the end of your search. A place that can become your second home.
If you want to discuss with other adventurers or present your own work to other guests, we invite you to the private rooms in the Basement of the Last Tavern.

The doors of our tabernacle are open to everyone and everyone, and the guardian does not exclude anyone regardless of appearance, gods, or body structure. But beware! If you start starting brawls, he’ll be ruthless.

So make yourself comfortable! The innkeeper is already filling your mug …

Details of the Bass Queen company

Bass Queen

Powstańców 60/516

05-091 Ząbki

REGON: 382387253

NIP: 5272524464

Correspondence address 

The last Tavern

Powstańców 60/516

05-091 Ząbki

Mobile: 606 424 024

Editorial department

Advertising department 

Agnieszka Bot

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Bank account 

ING Bank Śląski         SWIFT: INGBPLPW 19 1050 1025 1000 0097 1008 7553