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Terms of use of the website

I. General rules:

  1. Each user who uses the resources and capabilities of the portal automatically accepts all the rules listed below.
  2. In addition to the website regulations and the rules in force in individual departments, each user accepts the Netiquette, i.e. the rules of decent behavior on the Internet. Using vocabulary beyond the limits of decency will be punished by deleting comments or even banning your IP address.
  3. An active user is obliged to read ALL announcements and rules in a given department, as well as throughout the portal.
  4. All users can participate in contests and polls.
  5. In the event of changes to the regulations, each active user is required to read them. After introducing changes to the regulations, they apply from the date of their introduction. Any user who does not agree with the new content of the regulations is asked to report this fact to the administrator and stop using the website resources. At the same time, it is presumed that the regulations are binding in the event of tacit acceptance by the user.

II. Administrators:

  1. The administration shall settle any disputes between the users of the website Do not challenge the administrator’s decision – pointless discussion may end up with blocking the IP address.
  2. Administrators have the right to remove posts, comments, topics – without giving any reason – that violate the rules governing the portal.
  3. The administrator is not obliged to respond to provocative posts or messages, but may temporarily ban the IP address to “cool down” the user’s enthusiasm.

III. Operation on the portal:

  1. Each user of the portal should be treated with respect.
  2. Before you ask – check whether a similar topic has been discussed on the portal or whether there is an answer to your question somewhere on the website.
  3. Much is not good if you ask questions, be specific and precise.
  4. Write correctly stylistically, grammatically and spelling correctly.
  5. Do not use uppercase unless necessary.
  6. If you cite any text, always use the signs corresponding to the quotation marks -> ie “a”) and provide the source (or link) .. The administration is not responsible for violating the copyright of the cited or pasted publications by users. In the event of failure to comply with this restriction, the user may be punished with a reprimand or ban of the account.
  7. Use concise, precise topics in your headlines.

IV. Prohibitions:

  1. Do not post statements that:
    • promote narcotic drugs (Article 1 of the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction of April 24, 1997);
    • offend public figures (Article 23 of the Civil Code);
    • they offend other nationalities, religions, human races (Art. 23 of the Civil Code and Art. 194-196 of the Criminal Code);
    • contain information against unverified charges against other persons (Article 23 of the Civil Code);
  2. It is forbidden to advertise any pages (and internet forums) containing similar topics – without the consent of the website administrator. The rule does not apply to external or commercial advertisements placed on the portal.
  3. It is forbidden to spam or write Off Topic posts on the portal.
  4. Comments inconsistent with the regulations or breaking the law must be reported.
  5. Any attempt to provoke, ridicule, make fun of other religions, cultures, preferences, eg musical or cultural, will be punished on the portal: “Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.”
  6. Do not repeat the same message several times.
  7. It is forbidden to use nicknames (i.e. profile names) in logins referring (or containing whole words and names) to public figures, politicians, church hierarchs of various denominations, etc. Attempts to act under such a login will be severely punished by IP banning. Any comments should be directed directly to the operator of the panel with comments, i.e. to DISQUS .
  8. It is forbidden to post marriage announcements, escort offers and any sponsorship or prostitution offerings.
  9. It is forbidden to post links to the content and media (pictures / videos / music files) about pedophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia and other phenomena commonly considered negative and inconsistent with Polish law. It is also forbidden to persuade other forum users to the above-described phenomena and deviations.
  10. It is forbidden to place posts in which other users are encouraged to transfer or transfer money, as well as other material resources to the accounts they provide. The exceptions are offers and requests from charity organizations:
    • hospices, hospitals
    • humanitarian organizations
    • proven and reliable foundations
    • The administration may make an exception if there is a situation where a collection of funds and fixed assets for the treatment of a sick person is organized, or a cultural and artistic event is organized to collect / auction funds for the above-mentioned purpose.
  11. It is forbidden to include in posts and topics earning links, financial pyramids, reference links and other fraudulent proposals.
  12. It is forbidden to post information or posts encouraging active participation in the broadly understood concept of “sects”. It is also forbidden to provide information for the purpose of recruiting potential new members, as well as extorting any assets (fixed and non-permanent) from portal users. The term “sect” is understood according to the definition of Polish law, and verification on the portal is based on the list of organizations prohibited by Polish law.

V. Upload:

  1. Direct uploading of external files to the portal (pictures / music / documents etc.) is not allowed. Blog publications are an exception.
  2. When placing a link to any external content in the comments, you should always put a footnote under each added file containing information about the author (signature, publication name, website address, possibly place of origin, etc.). The exception are own files, which the user knowingly and with his consent places on the portal (photos, own compositions, own literary publications, etc.). Failure to comply with the above rules will be severely punished.

ATTENTION! The website administration is not responsible for the content posted by the users. The opinions and comments presented on the website are an expression of the personal knowledge and views of their authors and should only be interpreted in this way. We do not support acts that are inconsistent with Polish law. The active use of the resources and capabilities of the portal constitutes confirmation and acceptance of the above regulations, as well as this restriction.